Thứ Ba, Tháng Chín 20, 2022

Went to the shelter to give pup cups to all the doggos and came home with another kitten Say hello to little Mouse


Went to the shelter to give pup cups to all the doggos and came home with another kitten  Say hello to little Mouse @fostermotherofkittens said.

119748137 330177864858618 7355655046571515047 nMouse is weighing in at 176 grams. Can’t wait to watch this beautiful little girl grow up Scroll to see how little she is compared to my already small hand @fostermotherofkittens said.


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119768630 195645985278487 3602639161767978241 nHappy Caturday! Mouse had a rough night but seems to be feeling better this morning! Isn’t she the cutest?! @fostermotherofkittens said.

119898655 658375061723512 2426621586136693267 nJust when I think she can’t get any cuter, she strikes a pose like this

Mouse seems to be feeling much better today! She just hit 190 grams and I couldn’t be more proud. @fostermotherofkittens said.

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How am I sposed to get anything done with her here?! @fostermotherofkittens said.

119789506 181620966922732 1796811262896075875 nShoutout to whoever created the clear plastic tub! But seriously, you NEED to watch the video
ALSO! The top of the tub is completely open. I use the “top” to line the edges so she doesn’t climb over while she’s yelling at me for her millionth meal of the morning  she can breathe, I PROMISE  @fostermotherofkittens said.

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The way she crosses her little paws ARE YOU K I D D I N G ME?! @fostermotherofkittens said.

If I’m feeling exhausted or overwhelmed by the world, I just take a few minutes to sit and watch Mouse sleep peacefully 
This peach weighed in at 245 grams today! @fostermotherofkittens said.

Bring me the bobble  @fostermotherofkittens said. When she finally gets up at the end  I’m so proud of you, Mouse!! @fostermotherofkittens said.


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